An homage to Egyptian history, art and jewelry. Heavily interested and inspired by Tradition, Christina has always been fascinated by Egyptian art due to its transcendental nature. Captivated by the Egyptian’s understanding and culture surrounding the afterlife, she always admired how Egyptian jewelry emulated the customs and beliefs of the time and was particularly drawn to scarab amulets. Egyptians worshipped the Scarab as a symbol of the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Thus, Scarab amulets were commonly used as talismans that protected their bearers during their lifetime as well as their transition to the afterlife. Associated with the heart of the deceased when used in burial rituals, the Scarab amulet ultimately symbolizes the personhood and vitality of the person wearing it. Praising the deeper connection that Egyptians perceived between jewelry and those wearing them, Christina’s collection revisits the metaphysical beauty and wisdom of Egyptian jewelry through her own rendition of Scarab Amulets.